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At Luggage4you.com we know that traveling can be a joyous and exciting activity, but can also become very tiresome and stressful if done repeatedly.   Most travelers worldwide realize the advantage of lightweight luggage, which gives them freedom to carry all the bare necessities without effecting comfort.

Luggage4you.com offers our customers various sizes that are not only considered fashion statements but are designed for a purpose.  Travel luggage is available in small compatible sizes, which meet the requirements from the TSA as products that are considered as “carry-on” products to larger lightweight sizes that accommodate all of your travel needs. Finding luggage which is offered at discounted and cheap prices which also has comfort features is very difficult to find in many countries around the world.  Luggage4you.com offers the top brands in which you will receive the very best deals and shipping options possible.

Luggage4you.com provides premium luggage at the lowest available pricing.

This does not mean that what we offer is of low quality just because it is low priced, it’s just the opposite, top quality brands that have excellent pricing. 

Luggage4you.com offers the finest lightweight luggage brands including: Brics, Briggs & Riley, knomo, Lipault, Samsonite, Rimowa and Victorinox, the luggage manufacturer leaders, at very reasonable prices along with incredible free shipping options!



Apart from the low prices and the best shipping options on the internet, our websites also offers the largest variety in lightweight luggage.   We cater to all sorts of luggage from carry-on products to small getaway bags an outstanding selection of large cases.  Detailed description is also provided of all the products, which includes styles and colors available, also the weight and size of various luggage series. We also provide images of the products and their detailed reviews, along with our featured carry-on and top sellers. The prices are also shown with any special deals and offers.  Our product selection and check out process is consumer friendly and very fast!

Luggage is an unavoidable prerequisite of travel.   Luggage is a necessity as well as an investment so don’t just blindly go after the cheapest luggage since it will accompany you for many years.   Searching for top quality brand luggage can be difficult.   Follow the tips in the paragraphs below and you’ll definitely find the perfect luggage for yourself!
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Creativity and innovation is what has solidified Bric's as one of the most successful luggage companies in the world. For over 60 years, Bric's has produced stylish and functional products for business or travel. Bric's luggage and bags are produced with the highest quality Tuscan leather or suede that is durable and easy to clean. Bric's travel bags are light-weight, pocketed and great for everyday use. Purses and totes come with zippered tops, easy grip leather handles, and bright bold colors that go well with any outfit. The business class items include laptop covers and attaches that are as practical as they are stylish.

Luggage4you.com offers all of the top Brics lines including: Brics Bellagio, Brics Bojola, Brics Life, Brics Life Pelle, Brics Pronto and Brics X-Bag.


Briggs & Riley believe in producing products of superior quality and value, and are committed to this goal. In fact, Briggs & Riley provide their customers with an outstanding warranty that if their luggage should ever become damaged - even by an airline - they will repair it at no charge. Briggs & Riley have an extensive selection of handbags, backpacks, laptop cases, and briefcases, as well as luggage items, such as suitcases, duffels, garment bags and totes. Their durable and practical luggage and travel bags have a traditional and clean appearance, making them a suitable match for most travelers.

Luggage4you.com offers all of the top Briggs & Riley lines including: Briggs & Riley Baseline, Briggs & Riley Transcend, Briggs & Riley Torq, Briggs & Riley BRX and Briggs & Riley @Work.


The name Knomo comes from two words: knowledge and mobility. And since 2004, the idea of embracing both those ideals has been the brand's creed. The company was created with the belief that bags should evolve as quickly as technology does, giving the modern professional the freedom, flexibility and style they deserve. Thus, the Knomo line of laptop cases, tablet holders, phone cases and bags were designed to do just that - bags and cases that hold the modern gadgets of today with a sleek style all their own. Knomo. The K may be silent, but their statement is not.

Luggage4you.com offers all of the top Knomo lines including: knomo Balham, knomo Brompton, knomo Fitzrovia and knomo Marlyebone.


Lipault was launched by renowned French designer Franois Lipovetsky in 2005, and since then the luggage line has become popular world-wide. Lipovetsky, a former designer for Air France, designed the Lipault line to be ultra light-weight yet fashionable with beautiful fabric that withstands the rigor of travel and foldable storage that makes sure all your items are protected and secure. The Lipault line of luggage, briefcases, and laptop cases come in a variety of colors that range from the funky to the classic - there's something here to suit everybody's taste. Lipault - Modern luggage with timeless French style.

Luggage4you.com offers all of the top Lipault lines including: Lipault 0% Foldable and Lipault Plume Soft-Side.


Rimowa ranks as one of the leading manufacturers of luggage in Europe and around the world.  ‘Handwerk meets Hightech’ (‘Handcraft Meets High Tech) policy has lead to huge successes and double digit rates of growth throughout many countries around the world. The Rimowa luggage collection with its “Made in Germany” label has not only won over showrooms among its partners, such as Lufthansa and Porsche, but also the luxury and fashion goods segments. Rimowa is currently developing the signature of a young global brand whose impressive road to success on an international level is still in the beginning stages.

Luggage4you.com offers all of the top Rimowa lines including: Rimowa Salsa, Rimowa Salsa Air, Rimowa Salsa Deluxe, Rimowa Limbo, Rimowa Topas, Rimowa Topas Titanium, Rimowa Topas Stealth, Rimowa Bossa Nova and also many Luggage4you.com items can be used as carry on luggage.


Samsonite is a world leader in travel, providing innovative solutions in luggage, handbags, backpacks, computer cases and more. Samsonite Luggage delivers style, quality, and reliability. Samsonite offers a broad range of travel equipment, including softside and hardside luggage individual pieces and sets, business cases, tote bags, wheeled duffels and more.  The broad assortment reflects Samsonite’s commitment to deliver quality products for a world on the go.  Samsonite lines include Samsonite Cosmolite, Samsonite Lift2 and Samsonite Firelite.


Victorinox luggage was created with durability and functionality in mind to meet the needs of the traveler. A brand made popular by the "Swiss Army" knives and watches, Victorinox entered the luggage and travel accessory market with excellent products, lifetime warrantees, and the "swiss tracker" bag tracking program for lost luggage. Respected as makers of high quality pocket knives, quality is the first common phrase used to describe any Victorinox product.Victorinox product lineup includes Victorinox Werks Traveler 5.0, Victorinox Werks Professional, Victorinox Lexicon, Victorinox Avolve 2.0, Victorinox Spectra 2.0, Victorinox CH-97 2.0 and Victorinox Architecture 3.0.